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Immediate Cash Loans

Are you looking for immediate cash loans? If so, then you need to be aware of a key few industry practices that can get you into trouble. In addition, you need to know how to go about getting an immediate cash loan so you can get the best rate possible from a reputable company. In this article we will discuss a few of these issues, including:

  1. What your options are for immediate loans.
  2. What are the requirements for taking immediate cash loans, even if you have bad credit.
  3. What to be aware of (costs, other tips) when you are taking out such loans.

What Are My Options for Immediate Cash Loans?

If you want a loan in the form of cash today and you need it immediately then your only real option other than borrowing the money from a family member or a friend is an immediate payday loan.  Such loans can be applied for and have the fund received almost immediately (some lenders offer the money within the hour), and they can be taken out either online or at a payday loan/cash advance center locally.  In comparison, a traditional bank loan will almost always take a few days to secure the financing, and as such is probably not going to be an option if you need the money now (as in today).  The only exception to this would be if you held securities at the bank and had set up a line of credit or margin capability which you could borrow against.  However, given that the latter option is generally not available to the average person, we will talk more about the payday loan options for people needing fast cash.

In addition, if you really need the money now (as in today, or in the next hour or two), then make sure you go to the correct lender.  Some online lenders and retail lenders will take a business day to process the loan.  If you need it now, make sure that is an option, as there are plenty of lenders who are willing to make up to $5000 loans in less than one hour.  Look for advertisements that say things like ’1 hour cash loans’, etc. and then read the fine print before you apply.

What Are The Requirement for Immediate Loans from a Payday Loan Lender?

The requirements for immediate financing will be slightly different according to which lender you go to.  However, the differences are very slight.  In almost all cases, you will be required to do the following if you want a payday loan:

  1. Have a valid checking account.  Most banks/lenders will require that this checking account has been open and in good standing for at least six months.
  2. Be over the age of 18.  Certain laws restrict immediate cash lenders from doing such business with minors.
  3. Have a paying job where you make more than a certain amount of money.  This amount will vary depending on the lender–some lenders ask that you make at least 1000 dollars a month.  If you don’t make this much, however, don’t let this stop you from trying to get the loan, as many lenders will have very different requirements on the amount of money you have to make to qualify for an immediate loan.

These are the three requirements that are always posted on lenders’ websites.  However, in reality there are a few other ‘procedural requirements’ that you should be aware of.  First of all, most lenders will not lend to you if you are currently going through a bankruptcy.  They do not care if you have had bankruptcies in the past (even if it was 6 months ago), they do care if you are currently going through one.  Some may wave this, but not generally.   Second, they will not lend to you if you are currently defaulting on other immediate payday loans of any kind.  The lending institution will not care if you have other immediate fast cash loans out currently, but do not like it when you are currently in default.

What are The Costs of Immediate Cash Loans?

Simply stated, any form of immediate cash, payday, or check advance cash loans will cost a lot.  Fortunately, most lenders will disclose very clearly what the costs are for taking out loans with them.  Here are some examples of the costs of a 500 loan, 1000 loan, or 1500 loan for 14 days (example taken from a few different online loan lenders, and are meant to be simply a representation of what you might find – be sure to ask and know what the fees/costs are before you take out this type of loan):

  • 500 Loan: Fees – $17.50, Total Cost – $117.50
  • 1000 Loan: Fees – $175.00, Total Cost – $1175.00
  • 1500 Loan: Fees – $262.50, Total Cost – $1762.50

The APR (or Annual Percentage Rate on the cash loan) for all three examples above is 456.25%, and this is a pretty good representation of the average costs for such loans in the industry.  If the loans were 31 day cash loans, then the fees would be:

  • 500 Loan: Fees – $38.75, Total Cost – $138.75
  • 1000 Loan: Fees – $387.50, Total Cost – $1387.50
  • 1500 Loan: Fees – $581.25, Total Cost – $2081.50

The APR is the same for the 31 day cash loan, but you can see how much more the fees go up as you extend this loan out longer than 2 weeks.

Summary, Tips, Advice When it Comes To Taking Out Immediate Payday Financing:

The bottom line when it comes to these loans is to be careful.  There is nothing inherently wrong with payday loan lenders (contrary to what the press/some legislative officials may have you believe).   In fact one huge advantage of such loans is that they make capital loans available to people with bad credit.  Frankly, such financing is the only way that immediate loans for bad credit borrowers get made.  As such, they can serve a good purpose in our economy. Read more »

Apply Now For A 1000 Loan

If you are searching for a 1000 loan, then we can help. At we provide our customers with access to not only one payday loan lender, but to several – effectively searching through lenders and allowing them to ‘bid’ on you. We do this for a few reasons:

  1. To get you the best rate possible on 1000 loans
  2. To get you the most flexible terms possible
  3. To increase your chances of qualifying for the loan you need

Before you apply for your loan, there are a few things that you should take into consideration and know. Remember, taking out a loan is by default taking out an obligation to pay back that loan – so we want to make sure you know exactly how to do that before you make your final decision.

Read more »

$200 Loan Options

Are you in need of a $200 loan, and do you need it fast?  If so, then we can help match you with a lender who can provide you with $200 loans, no credit check required.   In addition, these lenders can fund your loan fast – within a few hours in some cases.  However, before you decide to take out this loan, we would suggest you read the following to better understand how this loan will work and the costs associated that you can expect to pay.

First of all, if you need the loan fast, then the only institution that will be willing to offer the loan will be a payday loan lender (also known as a cash advance lender but they are really the same thing).  Unfortunately, the origination costs of such a small dollar loan are too high for traditional banks or credit unions to offer, which is why the payday loan industry has stepped in.  You can learn more about payday loans here: Read more »

Florida Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

If you are a resident of the State of Florida, and are looking for a payday loan, then it’s very important that you understand the laws and regulations that the state has set related to these loans.  While Florida does allow payday loans (check cashing loans) in the state, there are some very specific rules and regulations that must be followed:

  • Amount allowed to borrow: $500
  • Term of loan: 7 days –  31 days max
  • Max finance rate and fees: 10%, plus fees for verification
  • APR: approx 390%
  • Fee per $100 borrowed: $15
  • Extensions or rollovers permitted: NONE
  • Repayment Plan available: Yes
  • Cannot be prosecuted criminally

Read more »

The 17 States That Do Not Allow Payday Lending

Out of the 50 unites states in America, 17 (plus one district) have either made payday loans illegal or have created usury and loan-limit laws that prevent payday lenders from being able to offer these loans in those states.

Below is the current list (updated as of September 2011) of these 17 states and one district, with details of how each is going about to prevent payday loans:

List 1 – States that prohibit payday lending practices

  1. Georgia – George explicitly prohibits such loans as a violation the states racketeering laws
  2. New York – prohibited according to their criminal usury statutes
  3. New Jersey – prohibited according to their criminal usury statutes
  4. Arkansas – Originally had ‘Check Cashers Act’ which allowed payday loans, but Supreme court struck law down as a violation of State’s Usury cap; Law later repealed in 2011
  5. Read more »

Utah Payday Loan Laws, Regulations, and Tips

Taking out a payday loan in Utah is a little easier than in many other states, as you will find less restrictions and more freedom for lenders in the payday/cash advance industry.  However, this doesn’t mean that there are not any restrictions/laws that will help protect you as a consumer.  Below are the details for taking out short term cash loans in the Beehive State of Utah:

  1. Amount Allowed to Borrow: No limitation, however lenders will have limits that are specific to their own business
  2. Origination Fees / Interest Charged: No usury limit in Utah, which means no limits on what the companies can charge
  3. Bounced Check Fees Allowed:  Lenders have the right to charge a minimum $20 bounced check fee
  4. Maximum Interest Rate:  No maximum
  5. Maximum Monthly Fee:  No Maximum
  6. Extensions/Roll-overs: Roll-overs and extensions are allowed, but not beyond 10 weeks from the initial loan date.

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Colorado Payday Loans – Laws and Regulations

The State of Colorado allows payday loans, but did put some restrictions on the rates charged and the duration of the loan. If you are in Colorado and need a payday loan, then there are a few key points that you will want to keep track of. Below is our summary of the changed to the payday loan industry in Colorado according to their most recent legislation passed:

  • Amount Allowed to Borrow: $500
  • Origination Fee Allowed: $75
  • Duration of Loan (how long you have to pay it off): 6 months
  • Bounced check fees allowed:
  • Maximum Interest Rate: 45%
  • Maximum Monthly Fee: $7.50 per $100
  • Extensions/Roll-overs: Since you have at least 6 months to pay the loan back, you should need to worry about roll-overs/extensions

Read more »

California Payday Loans – Laws and Regulations

The State of California allows payday loans, but places several restrictions on payday lenders in California. Below is a brief overview of the key facts you need to know if you are looking to take out a payday loan in the state.

Remember, each state sets their own laws when it comes to short-term cash financing (payday loans, cash advances, etc.), so pay attention even if you have taken out a loan in another state previously.

  • Amount allowed to borrow:  $300
  • Number of rollovers/extensions allowed: NONE
  • Bounced Check Fees Allowed: Max one-time $15 fee
  • Maximum Payday Loan fee: $15 per $100, or $45
  • Maximum APR: 460% (for a 2-week loan)
  • Additional fees for extensions or repayments plans: Not allowed (lender does not have to allow extensions)
  • You cannot be prosecuted in court criminally for not paying the loan back

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Alternatives to Payday Loans –

One of my main goals with this website is to help my readers find good places to take out loans. Sometimes everyone gets in a financial bind and needs some help – even those with bad credit. However, as you can see if you have read my Guide to Immediate Cash loans, the costs of most options for people in this situation are extremely high.

However, I recently found a company that I like a lot. I like what they are doing in offering loans for people with bad credit – they are actually giving them loans at decent interest rates. So, how does work? Read more »

Ways To Take Our a $5000 Loan No Credit Check

Your need for a 5000 loan no credit check is a sobering realization and must be addressed as soon as possible to keep the situation from worsening. A person with bad credit doesn’t have a lot of loan options. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be high time to pause and review your assets and spending habits.

If you feel that the reason you have fallen behind on your bills is that you have been living beyond your means, 5000 loans no credit check will not serve you as well as an honest reassessment of your lifestyle. As much as possible, exhaust all your alternatives for minimizing your debts by passing up on property or services you can honestly do without. Plan to begin living on a more sustainable level. You may even find that doing so will save you the trouble of securing a loan. Read more »

5 Keys To Remember When Taking Out a 30 Day Cash Advance

Payday loans have fast become the popular choice for people in need of a temporary financial fix. These cash advances have proven to be especially convenient in the event of emergencies and other unforeseen expenses. If your available cash cannot possibly stretch until your next payday in spite of smart budgeting, you may consider applying for a payday loan. Before doing that, however, there are five important things you need to keep in mind.

1. High-cost payday loans are illegal in 33 states. This does not mean that payday loans are illegal per se. In 16 of these 33 states, the law exists simply to protect borrowers by setting a maximum interest rate for lending firms. Otherwise, you would be charged exorbitant fees and be in danger of sinking further into debt. Make sure, therefore, that you borrow only from state-accredited payday loan providers. Read more »

Options For $5000 Loans Online

A 5000 dollar loan is serious business. You need to seriously sit down and consider all your available options before securing your loan. You can save yourself the trouble of going to multiple establishments on the off-chance that they will approve your request only to have it turned down. If you’re smart, you’ll take the time to do your research on 5000 loans online.

First up is the tried-and-tested method of asking a friend or relative for a leg up. If they have cash to spare, the lending process will be fast and easy, and there’s the added bonus of little to no interest added. Due dates on payment could also be negotiable to an extent. You must, of course, make sure that you do fully intend to pay them back, or suffer the risk of straining your relationship. Read more »

What To Be Aware Of When Looking For a 2500 Loan No Credit Check

If you need quick access to capital but have a low credit score, you need not despair. While conventional loan options are out of the question, you can still secure a 2500 loan no credit check in no time. But first, there are a few things you need to consider before signing your name on the dotted line.

When strapped for cash, most people consider three main options as possible loan sources, namely: family and friends, banks, and payday loan providers. The truth is, however, with the present fiscal crisis, your family or friends may not have enough cash to spare for your loan. Read more »

Tips for Taking Out a $2,500 Bad Credit Loan

Perhaps you are in a financial bind, with past deadlines on bills vying for your urgent attention, or payments on your car coming up. You fear that your on-hand cash cannot possibly stretch as far as your next paycheck. A $2,500 bad credit loan might just be what you need to settle your bills and get through this tough time.

You need to consider your options very carefully before applying for a cash advance. You have to be aware that these kinds of loans have short maturation periods and high interest rates. You also need to do a bit of research into which lending establishment can best address your present need. Read more »

Options To Secure $500 Loans No Credit Check

These days, it is not at all uncommon for the average person to feel a little short on cash, especially in between paychecks. Unforeseen expenditures such as hospitalizations or car trouble can wreak havoc on your budget. If you’re looking for a temporary fix for your financial problems and yet cannot rely on friends or family for a small loan, then perhaps 500 loans no credit check might just be the answer to your troubles. Read more »

Finding Bad Credit Loans No Guarantor

If you’re short on cash and your paycheck is still weeks away, you can make ends meet by taking out a loan from a bank or third-party lender. A good credit score will entitle you to a whole list of loan opportunities from your bank. However, if you have bad credit, you’re in a different playing field. What you need are bad credit loans no guarantor required.

What Are No Guarantor Bad Credit Loans?

These are loans for which people with bad credit can qualify, even without a guarantor. A guarantor (also called a co-signer) is someone with whom you can co-sign a loan. Essentially, he or she is someone with whom you’ll be sharing responsibility for the loan. If you decide to default on the loan, your co-signer will be required to take your place as the borrower and pay it back; otherwise it will severely damage both your credit scores. Read more »

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